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Introduction Gothic Geometry

Online course in English

Pre-recorded videos
(No live session)


Tarif Detail

If you have never tried geometric drawing or if you are new to the Gothic style, this course is perfect for you!

We will discover how to construct that type of pattern, using only the traditional tools of compasses and straight edge.

Using a specific motif as an example, we will see some basic elements we fin everywhere in Gothic ornamentation: trefoils (little shape of three petals or leaves) and tangent circles, which give us the characteristic curves of this style.

We will also see how to give a thickness to the line to have a motif with more weight.

You just need a compass and a ruler, no need for a very large paper for this simple example.

Here is a video with some advice for materials:

Equipment and materials needed:
-Standard photocopy paper, or drawing paper (120grs) around A4 or A3 size (or similar)
-tracing paper (same size as your paper)
-drawing compass
-30cm ruler
-pencils or mechanical pencils (0.5 or 0.3 leads) and eraser
-some coloured pencils
-pens, eventually some coloured fine-liners

Online course contents (recordings, PDFs, links, images, etc) are accessible through your member's account on this website. 

Live sessions are hosted on Zoom, the link will be sent within 48h before the beginning of the session. 


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