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Summer Gothic Rose Window

Mende Cathedral

Online course in English
4 videos (total of 8h30)

3 Pre-recorded videos
1 Live session (passed, recording available)


Tarif Detail

4 sessions:

-2 videos on the geometric construction (without the thickness of the tracery)

-1 video on the final outline, the thickness of the tracery and how I use tracing paper to transfer designs

-1 recorded live session on a watercolour rendering

Total of about 8h30

Lozère is a beautiful location in France. The population density is low there and nature is strong.

Rich in rivers and mountains (old and low), there is only one Gothic Cathedral there, in the city of Mende. The Gothic portal and the rose where destroyed in 1793 (around the French Revolution), and then rebuilt around 1900, the rose being almost identical to the previous one.

I love the very floral and dynamic look of this Rose! It is relatively simple, based essentially on 4 and 8 fold symmetry and there is only one level of tracery, which makes it easier to give a thickness to the core line of the tracery.

It is a sunny rose, perfect for a geometry summer project, or to try a large Gothic Rose for the first time.

Beginners and experienced are welcome for this course!

Note: The small roundel at the centre (looking like cherries) will be modified with a simpler version for this course. The original motif is more complex than the rest of the rose, and will be the subject of another small course.

Equipment and materials needed:
-Standard photocopy paper, or drawing paper (120grs) around A2 size recommended for the drawing of the large rose, A4 or A3 for side drawings.
-tracing paper (A4 or A3)
-drawing compass with pen attachement
-30cm ruler (40 or 50cm ruler for the A2 drawing)
-pencils or mechanical pencils (0.5 or 0.3 leads) and eraser
-some coloured pencils
-pens, eventually some coloured fine-liners

Online course contents (recordings, PDFs, links, images, etc) are accessible through your member's account on this website. 

Live sessions are hosted on Zoom, the link will be sent within 48h before the beginning of the session. 


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