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Strasbourg Cathedral - West

Large Gothic Rose Window

(previously 120€)

Online course in English
4 sessions of 2h30

Recordings available
Live session finished


(previously 120€)

This course was recorded live, more than a year ago, and my recording quality has improved since, hence the reduced priced.

I might do a new version of it at some point.

Rose windows vary in shapes. Some of them really look like flowers with petals radiating from a centre. It is the case for the splendid western rose from Our Lady of Strasbourg (France). Those petal shapes come directly from the shapes of pointed arches used in gothic architecture.

In this 4 sessions online course, we will therefore start by an introduction to different arch shapes. Then we will see some basic elements of gothic architecture, the foils (little flower like shapes with a varied number of petals) before combining all those elements to trace the large rose.

The western rose from Our Lady of Strasbourg is made of 16 large petals, we will therefore see how to divide a circle in a multiple of 8. We will also see how to divide a circle in 5 because Strasbourg cathedral show many examples of this symmetry, including in the western rose details. 

All will be traced using compasses and straight edge, using logic principles of geometry, similar to those used by cathedral builders.

Online sessions will be available at least until end of 2024.

Equipment and materials needed:
*One large sheet of paper, around A2, is recommended for this course (for the final drawing of the large rose), and also a compass extension and a 40 or 50cm ruler.
-Standard photocopy paper, or drawing paper (120grs) around A3 size (or similar)
-tracing paper (similar size as your paper)
-drawing compass
-30cm ruler
-pencils or mechanical pencils (0.5 or 0.3 leads) and eraser
-some coloured pencils
-pens, eventually some coloured fine-liners

Online course contents (recordings, PDFs, links, images, etc) are accessible through your member's account on this website. 

Live sessions are hosted on Zoom, the link will be sent within 48h before the beginning of the session. 


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